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Okay, so I guess some of you guys added me after I got drunk in the Power Rangers post. Just a fair warning because I don't want to lie or seem confusing: this is a "sock puppet" account. All of the information in the profile is fake, and I keep this lj only for access to ONTD. Even the handful of posts on here are entirely made-up. I won't be updating this journal, and I'll probably never read my friends page or comment on your posts. So that's the deal with me. I hope you had a fun holiday!


A story, perhaps?

Wouldn't you like to know!
This term is almost over.  I'm sooooo ready for it to be done.  Dave and I aren't as close as we used to be.  I think the time off will be good for us.  We'll see if we still like each other next semester I guess.  I hate leaving things up in the air but I don't want to think about it right now.

Why did I start this new journal haha?  Does anyone read this thing?  Hmm.  I will not post again until i have new stories.  Must be interesting.
Dave and I have been dating for a week or so.  He's so sweet.  We went to a party this weekend.  I HATE campus parties.  Illicit beer OMG!  I left early with Dave and went back to his place.  Hmmmmm....oo lala.


So I make this new LJ and I hardly ever post in it.  Today in communications I had to do a presentation.  I wasn't at all prepared and I completely bombed it.  Oh well.  I think I'll still pass the course.  I'm just so over it.  The coursework is so boring and simple.  My roommates are never around much, which is good.  I have time to myself to listen to music and stuff without worrying about bothering other people.  I've been hanging out with this kid Dave lately.  He's cute and nice.  I don't really know him yet though.  It would be so nice to date someone again.


Totally saw Mike last night.  Was with some chick we went to high school with.  Whatever.  I can't wait until I'm back at school in NYC.  It's so weird coming home and seeing everyone from high school.  No one's really changed, except I feel like maybe I have.

Happy New Year!

For my new years resolution I decided to start a brand spankin' new LJ.  It is top secret and no one will know who I really am! 

Last night SUCKED.  I am single and it is too lame being single at the new year :(



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